Clinic Accounts

Inner Ecology™ supports clinicians rooted in East Asian Medical traditions who practice in many different settings.  We serve a variety of multi-practitioner clinics, including integrative medical settings, hospitals, and group practices.  As a clinic, you may find a clinic account the easiest way to order from us.

A clinic account provides your clinic or institution with a general business account through which individual practitioners can order high-quality, customized herbal formulas from Inner Ecology.  Once you set up a clinic account with us, you will need to designate an individual to serve as liaison with Inner Ecology; he or she will maintain the clinic’s list of approved practitioners.

The clinic itself will own the account with Inner Ecology.  When an individual practitioner uses the account to order a formula, his or her name will appear on the order.  The clinic will be charged for the order, and can regulate reimbursement as it sees fit.

“When exploring the possibilities of expanding services in this hospital-based out-patient pain management clinic, specifically to offer raw Chinese herbal medicine, selecting a dispensary to satisfy medical directors’ and administrators’ requirements was imperative. From first inquiry phone call, throughout every phase of development, Inner Ecology staff has been professional, flexible, prompt, patient, consistent, savvy, collaborative and creative.
With visionary foundations, Inner Ecology demonstrates sensitivity to this hospital’s needs, exceeding safety standards and providing the necessities for successful electronic interface. Our relationship with Inner Ecology has been seamless, and hospital leadership has been impressed. Many thanks to Inner Ecology for providing the necessary ‘ingredients’ for unanimous, and enthusiastic, administrative and medical director approval!”
Rhonda Bathurst, Dipl. OM (NCCAOM), L.Ac. (CA, NY)

Eligibility:  Practitioners who use the clinic account must be employed by the clinic that owns the account. They must also meet our eligibility requirements as individual practitioners.

Request an Account:  To request a clinic account with us, submit a clinic account application online.

Questions?  For more information about clinic accounts, contact us at