Our Commitment

Day-to-day, Inner Ecology™ commits to environmental stewardship by:

  • Carefully sourcing the medicinals we carry with special attention to how sustainably they were cultivated and transported as well as to the certified absence of pesticides or any chemical residues. We do not sell any medicinals derived from endangered species unless they arrive with a CITES certificate to guarantee safe sourcing.
  • Inviting local practitioners to join as customers, meaning clinical herbologists and veterinary herbologists located within the Midwest region. We figure that our herbs have traveled quite far enough already, and focus – first and foremost – on serving those nearest to us.  We are always happy to serve clinical herbologists across the country as well, as we recognize our offerings are unique nationwide.
  • Offering bicycle delivery services to those practitioners and patients located within a five-mile radius of our office.
  • Commuting to the office in environmentally friendly ways. Our owners, employees and interns alike walk, bike, or ride public transit to work each day, whenever possible and regardless of weather conditions.
  • Minimizing the packaging we use for each order while ensuring superb quality, clear prescriptive information, and visual appeal. Our packaging contains substantial recycled content and is 100% compostable. Most herbal dregs are also compostable and they can make a fabulous, nourishing mulch.  Check for the “Contents 100% Compostable” stamp on your formula’s packaging to determine if your current formula can be safely composted.  Help us to promote a full soil-to-soil cycle of sustainability.
  • Donating a portion of our profits to organizations committed to forging a sustainable future for East Asian herbology and to protecting North America’s agriculture heritage.
  • Offsetting our total estimated carbon footprint via CarbonFund.

We realize our commitment to environmental stewardship in the office by:

  • Using natural cleaners and disinfectants proven to be effective in preventing the spread of bacteria, viruses, and spores rather than risk exposing our medicinals to the toxic chemicals found in widely used cleaning products.
  • Using Energy-Star rated appliances whenever available.
  • Recycling in-office paper, plastics, and aluminum and taking responsibility for our products’ full life cycle. This means that you are welcome to return any packaging or unused medicinals to us for recycling or composting.
  • Keeping paper printing to a minimum. When it is necessary to print, we do so only on 100% PCW recycled paper. We choose local, earth-friendly printers for the labels, business cards, and other basics we cannot produce in-house.

We align our mission with our commitment to environmental stewardship by:

  • Reducing our medicine’s dependence on herbs shipped from halfway around the world. As more people seek out East Asian Medicine as a mode of healing, the demand for domestically cultivated medicinals increases, and so does our collective carbon footprint. High Falls Foundation, one of our partners, works hard to stimulate domestic cultivation; please join us in supporting their efforts! This process will require decades of work. As we jointly move toward this goal, we can directly heal the soils and species, water and air upon which we, and our patients, all depend.
  • Becoming experts on the cultivation of each of our medicinal herbs so that we have answers when you need them most. As source herbologists, we know which questions to ask and how to ask them best of our trusted suppliers—be they local or distant—with regard to safe, effective, and sustainable farming procedures for each herb. We believe everyone should know where their medicine comes from, how it is processed, and what it contains. By studying each step of the soil-to-medicine process, we can confidently answer your questions about how our herbs are grown, the way they are harvested, and the unique features of the herbs we carry.
  • Getting our hands dirty! At Inner Ecology, we are tactile learners. We love to touch, feel, and do. That is why we love using raw herbal formulas and inspiring others to do the same. As we gain more information about the cultivation of raw medicinal herbs, we will apply it in ways that will captivate your senses, too.
  • Boosting demand for the use of raw medicinals in order to support the domestic cultivation that will undergird a healthy localized economy of ecological medicine. By networking with farmers interested in cultivating specialty crops, the public, and clinical herbologists alike, we promote professional, farmer, and community-based education about the cultivation and the use of raw medicinal herbs.

In all these ways and more, we commit to bringing sustainability to our shared medicine. Will you help us reach our goals?