Corporate Purpose

The recorded corporate purposes of Inner Ecology™ include:

  1. Providing personalized care by applying the specialized use of
    somatic senses and hands as primary tools to facilitate well-being
    within that most intimate of landscapes, the human body;
  2. Acting ever in accordance with the integrated ecology that weaves
    together the human body and the earth in order to protect and
    enhance both human and environmental health;
  3. Promoting the advancement and evolution of knowledge while
    safe-guarding centuries-old wisdom;
  4. Cultivating a secure and sustainable local economy of ecological
    medicine in North America;
  5. Facilitating the responsible sourcing, expert assessing, and
    judicious dispensing of traditional medicinals of whole plant, mineral
    and animal origin for the benefit of our community’s embodied,
    environmental, and economic health;
  6. Integrating producers of traditional medicines, practitioners, and
    patients into a mutually responsive and beneficial system;
  7. Promoting economic opportunity for farmers, clinical herbologists
    and source herbologists beyond the creation of jobs in the ordinary
    course of business; and
  8. The accomplishment of any other particular benefit for society or
    for the environment.