Patient Resources

  • If you have never worked with an East Asian clinical herbologist, visit How to Choose a Clinical Herbologist. This resource gives you the tools to evaluate herbal clinicians, as well as questions to ask them about the herbs they give you.
  • As a service to patients seeking an herbal clinician, we provide a practitioner directory listing clinicians who are registered for our formulation service. Use the directory to find a clinician close to you.
  • While many Americans are unfamiliar with the process of decocting raw herbs, the process is simple. Our easy-to-follow written instructions and video can guide you through the process. If you are prescribed raw herbs by your clinician, be sure to ask them for specific details about how they want you to decoct them.

“I have used East Asian herbs in several forms over the past 20 years. In my experience, custom-made raw herb decoctions are always the most potent and healing of all options. Instant granules are convenient, especially when traveling, but do not in any way equal the efficacy and strength of raw herbs.
“At first I was nervous about decocting herbs. However, after a couple of batches I realized that the process is quite straightforward and easy when you become accustomed to it. I now love my herbs! I also see raw decoctions as a necessary part of the acupuncture process. My healing process would not have been nearly as successful without them. Acupuncture appointments last one hour, but my herbs take care of me every day!”
Janette Dingee

“My custom decoction begins as a rugged pile of magical forest treats. Add 25 minutes of patience, 30 minutes of snuggly warmth, and ta da…a sweet yet spicy, dark chocolate tasty elixir for healing.”
Sarah Wolfman

“As a busy mom of three young children, I was becoming increasingly exhausted. An herbal clinician recommended patent herbal pills and supplements to help me feel better. However, I was often too tired or too forgetful to take them. There were days, also, when it felt uncomfortable to take so many pills, multiple times daily; it just seemed unnatural.
“Under the care of a new herbologist, I was very pleasantly surprised to experience how enjoyable the transition to decocting my own herbs could be. Now drinking my customized herbal formula, sourced from Inner Ecology, is a part of my daily routine—a part that feels both nourishing and meaningful, while providing me with immediate and sustaining results.”
Dita Vinkele