Clinician Accounts

Inner Ecology’s™ formulation service allows you to focus on practicing your medicine without the financial or administrative burden of maintaining a full-service, cGMP-consistent herbal dispensary in-office. We focus on providing you and your patients the highest quality herbs available: sustainably sourced, rigorously tested for contaminants, and unparalleled in both freshness and flavor.

Setting up an account with Inner Ecology gives you access to our formulation service as well as to our secure practitioner site, which includes:

  • Our convenient Offline Order Form (OOF)
  • Complete lists of our single raw and granule medicinals
  • Fastidious seed-to-shelf research regarding the medicinals we carry
  • Pricing for raw medicinals as well as our service options
  • Support materials for both you and your patients

Eligibility: To use the formulation service, you must be:

  1. Located in the United States. As a committed local business, we are dedicated to serving herbal clinicians within the United States only.
  2. Trained in East Asian Clinical Herbology. Requested proof of your training depends on when you completed your medical education:
    1. Clinicians who graduated after January 1, 2012 are required to demonstrate current board-certification in Chinese Herbology or Oriental Medicine by the NCCAOM.
    2. Clinicians who graduated before January 1, 2012 may demonstrate eligibility via any one of the three following means:
      1. Current board-certification in Chinese Herbology or Oriental Medicine by the NCCAOM
      2. An official diploma demonstrating a minimum of 350 hours of training in Chinese Herbology from an accredited East Asian Medicine program
      3. CEU certificates demonstrating a minimum of 350 hours of training in Chinese Herbology

Why does Inner Ecology take care to verify these qualifications? The very short answer is that we want to protect the integrity of our profession, to safeguard the well-being of patients, and to ensure ongoing access to East Asian medicinals. For a more in-depth answer, please visit Why Require Qualifications?.

“As a former Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs professional in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and a NCCAOM board-certified Chinese herbologist, I am thrilled with Inner Ecology’s level of commitment to providing quality botanical dispensary services to the benefit of practitioners and patients in the Midwest.
Inner Ecology has carefully implemented quality practices to ensure a premium product is delivered to their customers. Raw and granular herbs are sourced, received, and stored to preserve quality and potency. Procedures are in place to prevent contamination and assure practitioners that their intended formulation has been properly filled. Good record-keeping practices are followed and staff members are periodically trained to maintain quality systems. Inner Ecology is a well thought-out and implemented service and a real asset to the natural health community.”
Julie Domagalski, L.Ac., Dipl. OM

Request an Account: To request an account with Inner Ecology, complete our clinician account registration form today.

You will receive an e-mail response within 48 hours including your chosen username and password, as well as instructions about getting started with Inner Ecology’s formulation service.

Questions? For more information about Inner Ecology’s formulation service, please see our FAQ page. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, drop us a line at: