Clinician Resources

  • Inner Ecology has also created many products to help you communicate more effectively with your patients about their herbs. General decoction instruction cards, quick decoction instructions, and daily dose jars can all be found at the Inner Ecology Square Market store. Clinicians and patients may also buy Inner Ecology tote bags in the Square Market store to show off their pride in being part of the Inner Ecology community.

“Inner Ecology serves a vital function in the Chinese medicine community. I run a small one-person clinic in the upstate New York town of Hudson where I don’t have access to a fully stocked Chinese herbal formulary. Inner Ecology is the nearest source of herbs that I trust, and I utilize their services to both fill in what I can’t get from other suppliers and as a source of custom formulas that contain herbs that I don’t normally stock.
“I know that I can order from them and have my herbs within a few days – this provides important peace of mind since the herbs I stock in my clinic are necessarily limited to what I use most often. Inner Ecology acts as an outlet for carefully sourced herbs from both Chinese and domestic sources, as well as a support for the movement to utilize Chinese herbs in their most traditional method of delivery – raw herbal decoctions. Inner Ecology is the best, and we need it!”
Andrea Elliott, L.Ac.

“I always prefer to use Inner Ecology granules when I can. I’ve had multiple clients start on pre-made granule formulas from other companies, and barely be able to drink the tea. When I make them a customized formula using granules from Inner Ecology, they comment on how much fresher they smell, and how much better they taste! Compliance goes up, and my clients get better faster.”
Kelly Desierto, L.Ac., Dipl. OM