Why should I choose Inner Ecology as my source for custom compounding?

As an herbal clinician, you can concentrate fully on applying your clinical expertise when you have a trusted herbal source able to do the rest of the heavy lifting with utmost care and precision. Certainly, we are our best as a community when we rely on the real strengths of our medicine: the ability to modify precisely for the patient before us and to prepare according to the tried and true methods evolved over millennia. There is nothing like using herbs in their essential forms to do that well (and to really make a practitioner look fabulous due to immediate results). We’d love to help you do that for all your patients!

Inner Ecology provides a unique resource for your clinical herbal practice, offering you:

  • Fully customizable formulation service with hundreds of carefully selected raw herbs of superb quality
  • Fastidious seed-to-shelf research—including carefully documented organoleptics—behind our selected medicinals
  • Ever-expanding stock focused on sustainably sourced medicinals, including the widest array available of vetted, domestically cultivated Chinese medicinals
  • Exemplary cGMP to protect our customers, your patients, and our profession at large, including complete traceability of every medicinal
  • Simplified order process with smart forms that act as sophisticated, yet convenient, patient filing tools
  • Professional, attractive, earth-friendly packaging with thorough labeling
  • Affordable, carbon-neutral shipping for those located outside Chicago as well as bicycle delivery or pick-up for those within Chicago—all to ensure efficient delivery to patients or clinics
  • Educational and product support for patients first learning to prepare and decoct, as well as for herbal clinicians returning to practice and economizing practice
  • Steadfast commitment to the longterm security of our shared medicine through investment in domestic cultivation and production
  • Restricted prescribing power to guard our profession’s integrity

We are proud to be the first and only registered benefit corporation in the field of East Asian medicine, a leader in social entrepreneurship and a committed “green” business. When you order from Inner Ecology, formula by formula, you can know that you are having positive impact on your patients’ and the planet’s health.

How is payment structured? Who do my patients pay?

With a standard Inner Ecology clinician account, we will charge you within 48 hours of your order, either by credit card or direct debit from your checking account. You may choose which option you prefer when you register for your account with us. Please note: Because each order is custom-filled, placing an order means that you take full responsibility for the cost of that order once it is submitted. You accept payment for the formula directly from your patient. It is up to you when, how, and how much you charge them. Our Offline Order Form (OOF) can help you determine your costs and charges.

If you have elected to participate in the Patient Direct-Pay (PDP) program, your patients will each create an account with Inner Ecology so that they may pay us directly. You will still submit orders to Inner Ecology on behalf of your patients, but they will be charged individually for their orders by the payment methods they chose when registering with us.

Do I have to pay sales tax to Inner Ecology?

If you live within the state of Illinois and are registered with the state of Illinois to pay sales tax, please provide us with a scan or paper copy of a completed CRT-61, or Certificate of Resale, during the registration process.  We will not charge you sales tax, since you will collect it at the time of sale to your patient.  If you do not provide a resale certificate at the time of registration, then we will charge you the standard 2.25% tax rate required by the state of Illinois.

If you do not live in Illinois, we will not charge you sales tax.

How are orders picked up from Inner Ecology?  Who can pick up an order?

Formulas can be picked up at 3257 N. Sheffield Ave, Suite #120 during our posted business hours by you or your patient. Please let us know who to expect at the time of your order.

Can I have my order delivered or shipped?


Delivery by bicycle is available within approximately 5 miles of our office, serving many of Chicago’s central neighborhoods, including:

  • Lincoln Park
  • River North
  • The Loop
  • South Loop
  • Lincoln Square
  • Andersonville
  • Wicker Park
  • Logan Square

One of our herb messengers will deliver to your (or your patient’s) doorstep within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Shipping by USPS (Priority Mail) is available to destinations across the continental United States.  Practitioners in Alaska and Hawaii should contact us for more information about how we can best serve them.  A shipped package typically reaches its destination within two to three days from the time of shipment, due to Chicago’s convenient central location.

Can you grind the herbs I order?

Yes, for a fee ($.01 per gram, minimum $5 per order) Inner Ecology can grind most of the herbs that we carry. We are unable to powder bones, shells, stones, or some sticky herbs (e.g., Long Gu, Mu Li, Shu Di Huang), but we do carry some of them in pre-powdered form.