Why Require Qualifications?

At Inner Ecology™, we are dedicated to the long-term health of both your patients and the profession of herbology as a whole. To that end, we ensure that all practitioners registered for our service are qualified to prescribe the herbs that we carry.

We hope that verification of credentials in herbology discourages mishandling, intentionally or through ignorace, of herbs that are crucial to our collective practice. Government agencies have already restricted the use of some medicinals that were abused by unqualified individuals, and we wish to minimize that interference by adhering to our community’s agreed-upon professional standards.

Currently, the highest available standard in herbology is the NCCAOM’s Chinese Herbology certification (also included as part of their certification in Oriental Medicine). As such, it is our qualifying credential of choice. The NCCAOM has provided that certification only since 2005, however, so many of the most talented herbologists in practice today may not have received it simply because it was not offered when they first sat for their board exams. For that reason, we accept equivalents to NCCAOM certification, namely 350 hours of training in herbology, either from an accredited institution or a series of CEU classes.

Since we opened our doors and Inner Ecology became widely known in our local community by the end of 2011, we hope that we exist as an incentive to sit for the NCCAOM’s Chinese Herbology examination. Consequently, we require anyone who has sat for NCCAOM certification on or since January 1, 2012, to achieve certification in Chinese Herbology in order to qualify for our formulation service.

When you register for the formulation service, please be prepared to provide electronic or paper copies of your credentials. We will move through the registration process as quickly as possible so that you may begin enjoying the benefits of our service. We hope to serve you, and to continue contributing to the health of our profession, for a long time to come.