Our Partners

Inner Ecology™ joined with High Falls Foundation and the Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine to form the Eastern Forest Chinese Herbal Medicine Consortium. The three member organizations share a set of Chinese medicinal plants that grow well in parts of the Eastern Forest biome, so we want to share our experiences and avoid duplicating one another’s efforts. Stay up-to-date on Consortium news by liking our Facebook page.

Within the Consortium, Inner Ecology maintains its role as a hub for distribution, a facilitator for quality assessment of domestically grown herbs, and a center of education. Inner Ecology’s main tasks include:

  • Ensuring domestic herbs are grown to the standards of ecological production, a step beyond organic farming, and truest to the wild conditions that give herbs their medicinal impact.
  • Investigating the effects of terroir on the medicinal qualities of herbal plants. The same herb grown in different regions of the United States may have significantly different qualities. Our job is to coordinate the Consortium’s research efforts to determine which region grows the herb most faithfully to its established characteristics.
  • Organizing and educating a regional grower community in the Midwest, through the annual Pioneers in Ecological Medicine farmer trainings we co-sponsor with nonprofit farmer organizations and related events.
  • Educating herbal clinicians about the issues surrounding foreign and domestic cultivation of East Asian herbs, a subject that is not taught in a comprehensive way in any herbal program in the U.S. at this time.
  • Inspiring herbal clinicians, their patients, and the public at large to appreciate the benefits of using raw herbs medicinally – East Asian clinical herbology’s gold standard – to promote effective, efficient healing.

Consider supporting the Consortium’s efforts by donating to support them today. Our collective fundraising is ambitious, and we need to show tangible support from the profession of East Asian Medicine, including grateful patients and public health-minded citizens. Our major donors are impressed by numbers—not just number of dollars, but number of donations. Each $25, $50, $100 or other tax-deductible gift to the High Falls Foundation is a solid vote for domestic production!