Student Mentorship Accounts

Students of East Asian Medicine (EAM) are welcome to sign up for the Inner Ecology formulation service as part of our student mentorship program.  This program gives students an opportunity to begin ordering herbal formulas for patients under the guidance of an established herbal clinician.

We want to support you in building your confidence in ordering herbal formulas in real-world settings.  We expect this mentorship to assist you in making a smooth transition from the classroom to the workplace after you graduate.

Eligibility: To use the Inner Ecology formulation service, you must be enrolled at an EAM school.  You must have a mentor who has agreed to sponsor you, and that mentor must also be eligible to register with Inner Ecology (see eligibility requirements for clinicians).

Request an Account:  To request an account through our student mentorship program, you and your mentor should fill out and submit a herbal mentorship agreement form.

If your mentor does not already have an account with Inner Ecology, he or she should also fill out our clinician registration form.  To see a list of clinicians already registered with Inner Ecology, visit our practitioner directory.

We will contact your mentor directly to confirm your agreement, and then send you an e-mail response including your username and password for the secure practitioner site, as well as instructions about getting started with Inner Ecology’s formulation service.

Ordering:  Once you have registered with Inner Ecology, log into the secure practitioner site with your new username and password.  Download the Offline Order Form (OOF) to begin writing formulas for your patients.

The OOF (an Excel workbook) will estimate costs for you and provide us with the necessary information to fill your order.  After you have written your formula, send it to your mentor for approval, and your mentor will send it to us.

Questions?  For more information about Inner Ecology’s formulation service, please see our Clinician Accounts and FAQ pages.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, drop us a line at: