In early 2014, Inner Ecology™ co-sponsored the Pioneers in Ecological Medicine (PEM) conference for the second year in a row. On February 7-8, Jean Giblette of the High Falls Foundation, along with representatives from Inner Ecology, facilitated the workshop for more than 20 farmers from the Eastern Forest region of the United States. Many of the growers also elected to attend individual consultations with Jean to plan their crops for the coming season.

You can view a selection of photos from PEM 2014 below:

We asked some of the PEM 2014 attendees to share their experiences of the event, and here’s what they had to say:

“The PEM training helped me to clarify my farm plan/goals and gave me a great jumping off place for experimentation and self-education with Chinese medicinal herbs. I obtained new and abundant practical and conceptual knowledge on how to grow Chinese medicinal herbs, along with much inspiration. Both Jean Giblette and the Inner Ecology folks brought an immediate sense of working with the herbs into the room. The individual consultation was encouraging and essential to my getting started. Big thanks!”
Peggy Newfield, Thyme and Thistle Herbs

“The respect for the plants and our planet Earth was evident during this year’s workshop. Last year we began our journey by growing several herbs. This year with guidance from Inner Ecology, Jean Giblette, and our fellow farmers we will allow more plants to choose the locations to grow in and expand our knowledge and relationships with plants, land, and each other.”
Deb Hilt, Echo Valley Farm

“Presenter Jean Giblette’s many years of growing medicinal plants, knowledge of what works in this bioregion, study of systems theory while being mentored from a Taoist priest, and as an investment banker gives her a unique combination of East/West understanding. Her even-handed steady flow of information over two days of training was reinforced with some great slides and sample materials. She has a vast array of growing secrets and tricks. Her social commentary on the urgent need for us, in the West, to work at developing an herbal repertory of plants to aid us in healing and wholeness was inspiring. Amanda Kreiss at Inner Ecology and Jean Giblette of High Falls Gardens provide a methodology which can assist in bringing to fruition a balance that is currently lacking, in these wonderful two days of training.”
Harry Carr, Mint Creek Farm